Natural Park Adamello Brenta Dolomites

The most species-rich natural park in the Southern Alps

Wilderness becomes a spectacle

The nature park was already launched in 1967 and covers one-tenth of the total area of ​​Trentino today. The park is divided into two parts – to the west around the mountains of the Brenta Dolomites and to the east the Adamello-Presanella Group. With a height of 3,556 meters, the Cima Presanella is the highest point in the Southern Alps. The bear is the Symbol of the park. The alpine brown bear had to be resettled there in 1996 to secure its existence. But the three big alpine inhabitants, the bear, the wolf and the lynx are not the only habitants of the park – the varied landscape is home to many rare species. This also applies to the fauna. Your program should definitely include a visit to one of the thematic visitor centers, a day hike or a tour by bike or well-developed public transport. This UNESCO Global Geopark award-winning spot between South Tyrol and the Lombardy offers a variety of insights into the uniqueness of the Alps. The DOGA route leads through the Val Meledrio right through the nature park and splits the park into the east and west halves.

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Visitor Centers:

Nature Park Visitor Center “Acqua Life” – Spiazzo Rendena
Nature Park Visitor Center “Lago Rosso” – Lago di Tovel
Nature Park Visitor Center “L’Orso, signore del Bosco” – Spormaggiore
Parco Faunistico – Spormaggiore
Nature Park Visitor Center “Flora” – Stenico
Nature Park Visitor Center – Pieve di Bono
Nature Park Geopark – Carisolo
Nature Park Visitor Center “C’era una volta” – San Lorenzo in Banale


Natural park Adamello-Brenta Dolomites
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